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Bez is a Bot Admin from New Zealand.

Bez is one of the admins of The Bot Appreciation Society Facebook group, and is the owner and co-server admin of The Bot Appreciation Society Discord.

Bez joined the bot community in 2015, following pages such as ShitPostBot 5000 and Amitai's Bot.

In 2017, Bez created BezierPostBot 0000.

In 2018, Bez created BurgerBot 4545, BASR-FM 168.1 and ReviewBrahBot.

In 2018, Bez also created The Bot Appreciation Society Discord server.

Bez is also a moderator on CraftingBot 64 and Failarmybot 0000.



  • BurgerBot 4545
  • BASR-FM 168.1
  • Reviewbrahbot


  • BezierPostBot 0000

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