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BurgerBot 4545 is a Facebook Bot created by Bez, and has been active since September 1st, 2018.

Bot Details[]

BurgerBot is a Facebook Bot that posts randomly generated burgers every half hour. BurgerBot previously posted in 1 hour intervals. BurgerBot also had a feature in which the top 10 burgers of the week were posted at the end of the week in a single list, however due to Facebook restricting the type of content that can be automated, this feature has stopped working as of April 2019.

BurgerBot 4545 is programmed in Javascript using Node.JS and SQL, using an SQL database to house the ingredients and buns.

Ideas for ingredients can be submitted on Discord and also via the Typeform link below:

A Discord version of BurgerBot 4545 also exists, however is currently private and only available on the Bot Appreciation Society Discord server.

Along with Bez, BurgerBot 4545 is moderated by Vinny.

Update History[]

A full list of changelogs for BurgerBot 4545 are available on the BurgerBot 4545 Facebook page, under the Notes section.