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The Age of Stagnation refers to the period of time after the creation of Shitpostbot where there was no central community area for bot admins and fans to gather to discuss ideas.

What this meant was that there was very little open discussion or communication between fans and creators of different pages, with the exception of admins who owned multiple pages.

While this wasn't necessarily a hindrance to bot development, it did mean that progress made on bots was slow-going, as it was difficult to acquire an audience quickly or to share bot ideas and criticisms.

Unfortunately, a significant portion of this era has been lost to history. Most events from this era are related to Shitpostbot 5000, because of its relatively high popularity compared to lesser known bot pages.

Thus, the age begins with the creation of Shitpostbot, and ends with the creation of the Bot Appreciation Society Facebook group.

(April 2015 - August 2017)

Timeline of Events

  • Creation of ShitpostBot 5000
  • To do
  • Creation of the Bot Appreciation Society

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