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Semolini is the founder of Epicest Bots and is an active botmin on The Bot Appreciation Society Facebook group and Discord. He's known for creating the Frame Bot source code and How to Create a Bot in Python tutorial

List of bots[]

  • Every Tom and Jerry Frame in Order
  • Blessed Bot 6009
  • Unmanned Cringe Bot
  • Deep Fry Bot (F)
  • Count Bot 0123
  • Dance Bot
  • Apollo Bot 11

Early Life[]

Semolini joined the Bot Appreciation Society on 3 Mar 2019.

He made Every Tom and Jerry Frame in Order (with the help of Julian and Paintmin) on 5th May 2019 which got around 40k likes by the end of a week. Deep Fry Bot followed shortly but had to be shut down due to series of an unfortunate memes the bot generated which "clearly" violated the facebook ToS

War Crimes[]

Semolini was arrested on account of 168 charges against him including Manslaughter,Felony,Perjury,Treason,Arson in the former state of Yugoslavia on 3rd August 2017. He escaped from captivity in October 2019 and went off the grid for almost half a year before being publicly executed in front of Area 51 when he attempted to climb the wall and shouted "Licc me balls ya doofus"

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